Valley Chamber Ensembles

The Valley Chamber Ensembles strives to enrich the lives of the community and those around us by providing an experience and an education through music, creating enjoyment and further exploration in the arts.

Musician Highlight | Ed York

Where are you from? I'm from Memphis, TN. How did you choose your instrument? I wanted to play bassoon in middle school because it looked interesting, I had never seen one before, and it had a similar range to my voice. But my father said "no, pick something normal."...

Musician Highlight | Rachel Staples Guettler

Where are you from? I am from the foothills of the North Carolina mountains, but I also spent my summers in upstate New York about 45 minutes from NYC.  I lived in a small town in North Carolina in the Piedmont region all through my childhood & graduated from a...

Musician Highlight | Tate Shoebridge

1. Where are you from? I'm from Kingsburg, CA. 2. When did you start playing the oboe? I started playing the oboe when I was 15 because the singing quality of its sound resonated with my soul. 3. When did you begin composing? I started composing music during my...

Musician Highlight | Anthony Storniolo

Anthony during MUSIC+MOVEMENT Where are you from? I am a Los Angeles native! Born in Panorama City, and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. When did you start playing and why did you pick your instrument? My first instrument was a keyboard given to me by a family...

Musician Highlight | Beckie Euson

Where are you from? I am from San Diego, CA When did you start playing and why did you pick your instrument? I started playing when I was in 6th grade. It was really my middle school music teacher who asked me if I wanted to try switching from saxophone to French horn...

Musician Highlight | Nolan Markey

Where are you from? Orange, California! When did you start composing and why? I started actively writing music when I was about 8.  I had taken piano lessons since I was 4, but I was (and still am) an abysmal student.  After a while, I found that I enjoyed...

Musician Highlight | Mary Cervantes

Where are you from? Bakersfield, Ca How did you come to play your instrument? Why did you choose it? 11 years old when I started playing flute, my grandfather used to buy me CDs of James Galway and listening to those made me want to switch to the flute What has been...

Musician Highlight | Candis Badgley

Where are you from? I was born in Dallas, Texas, but ended up moving around quite a bit as a kid due to my dad’s job.  I’ve lived on both coasts, in the south, and the midwest! How did you come to play your instrument? Why did you chose it? I come from a musical...
Ever since our founding in 2016, we have been proud to call the San Fernando Valley our home and have worked to bring arts and chamber music to our community.


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