Candis Badgley | Founder & Artistic Director

At our core, Valley Chamber Ensembles is a collaborative chamber music ensemble that intersects music with other aspects of the arts such as dance, spoken word, and the visual arts. VCE enriches the lives of our community, offering the experience of classical chamber music in unique and exciting ways. Within these creative experiences, audiences leave performances with not only a greater love for the music and the arts, but a deeper connection and understanding as well.

Access to artistic programs is severely lacking in the San Fernando Valley. Though only several miles from Downtown Los Angeles, the same artist programs, especially free programs, are not available to residents of the Valley.

We are most proud of what sets us apart – our unique programming and our ability to make it accessible to the general community.

Candis Badgly
Founder and Artistic Director
Valley Chamber Ensembles

As a collective of musicians and artists from vastly different backgrounds, Valley Chamber Ensembles holds the ideals of inclusivity and equality to the highest level within our organization.

From the start, our ensemble has reflected the diversity of our community through our leadership, our core members, and in the pieces we program. We recognize the importance of inclusiveness and the beauty and energy that occur when people from all walks of life and cultures converge in artistic expression and creation. 

Our musicians have been the backbone of our organization. Every concert has featured incredibly talented musicians that help to bring our concepts to life. We have also cultivated close relationships with several of LA’s up and coming composers that have led to commissions for our ensembles and collaborations that enhance our concerts.