Where are you from?

I’m from Memphis, TN.

How did you choose your instrument?

I wanted to play bassoon in middle school because it looked interesting, I had never seen one before, and it had a similar range to my voice. But my father said “no, pick something normal.” So I started on tenor sax and just didn’t tell him that my high school band director had been teaching me until after I placed 2nd in our regional honor band.

Any other instruments you like to play?

Didgeridoo; it’s relatively straightforward, but there’s so much room for expression and imitation.

What has your experience been like playing with VCE?

I started playing with VCE right after graduation this past May and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The other musicians are so warm and inviting. The musicality has been an inspiration to push me to not only be a better musician, but also appreciate everyone’s unique experiences that  help to create a dynamic that promotes exploration and harmony among members and the audience we strive to reach.