Where are you from?

Orange, California!

When did you start composing and why?

I started actively writing music when I was about 8.  I had taken piano lessons since I was 4, but I was (and still am) an abysmal student.  After a while, I found that I enjoyed tinkering with my own chords and melodies more than performing others’.  Sorry, Bach!

What has been your experience working with VCE?

It’s been absolutely fantastic.  There’s never any retreading ground with VCE – every concert, every production is a wholly different experience as an arranger and composer, which is great fun!  I don’t think anyone wants to be trapped in a creative box, and I always get to work on something new and interesting with VCE, whether it be modern arrangements of old Christmas tunes or live scores to viral videos.

What makes VCE different than other groups you’ve worked with?

The majority of my work, professionally, has been with studio groups.  The goal in studio recording is to read, record, and move on as efficiently (and as affordably) as possible.

VCE is a breath of fresh air in that regard – there is time to rehearse, edit, and really savor the time I’m privileged to spend with the musicians.  I’m fortunate in that many of the VCE performers, in addition to being phenomenal players, are good friends.  Rehearsals and performances are relaxed and fun, but everyone playing is at the top of their game.